Hello and welcome!

I’m Johanna Joy Isman (née Obst), a PhD student at the Toulouse School of Economics. I conduct research in applied microeconomics and empirical industrial organization.

My main research project deals with the economics of voluntary sustainability certification, in particular forest management certification. I analyze how certified forestries choose their certification bodies and if more stringent regulation of certification bodies could increase compliance with the standard or would mostly drive forestries out of the certification. To do so, I have collected novel panel data on certification choices as well as survey data on certification fees. I employ methods from the field of empirical industrial organization to estimate parameters that drive demand for different certification bodies such as forestries’ valuation of certification bodies’ stringency. These estimates allow me to analyze potential consequences of suspending the least stringent certification bodies.

My other research projects deal with the accreditation of certification bodies as well as industrial policies in Ethiopia. My research interests more generally are the organization of global value chains, corresponding private and public policies and their impact on development and the environment.

Before completing my master’s degree in Economic Theory and Econometrics, I studied International Relations in Dresden, Ramallah and Amman and gained related work experience in Geneva and Berlin.


Contact: johanna.obst [at] tse-fr.eu